POSITANO: one more gelato, per favore!

I just got back from a trip to the Amalfi coast in Italy with We Are Creative Adventurers, an adventure retreat company with Morgan Tyler as the host for a week of yoga. Otherwise known as the Southern Yogi. We spent a week doing yoga, eating our yearly quota of gelato and exploring this magical little town on the Italian coast. 

weare.positano -03947.jpg

We stayed at La Selva, which is a worthwhile hike (about 15 min) up the hill to get some of the most beautiful panoramic views of the coast you could possibly imagine. Truly breathtaking. 

The town itself can be a little chaotic, especially in summer as it is one of the busiest tourist destinations.  Luckily for us, we had the most peaceful getaway nestled high above the treetops where we could see the hustle and bustle from above, and join in if we wanted to. Which we did!

I realize not everyone is going to come here on a yoga retreat. But if you do have the time, I highly recommend looking into taking a class there, if possible.... If you do, I would plan to spend a better part of your day there. Say, morning to early afternoon. For one, it is a trek. Secondly, Marta who owns and operates is an incredible chef and cooks delicious organic, vegetarian meals. She is the sweetest. Third, but certainly not least the view will leave you speechless and the energy of the place is so resounding and powerful you wont want to leave.

1) But when you do finally decide to stroll back into the town of Positano, take a slow pace and enjoy it. It isn't like many other parts of italy where you feel like you have too much to see in too little time. Once you've arrived in town, all the sightseeing is already there --the town is your destination. It's very similar to Santorini, you visit to admire the beauty, the architecture, the colored buildings snuggled up along the coast, the colorful umbrellas strewn across the beach. And to live in the european way. Swimming, eating, drinking and relaxing.

Don't come with a plan or agenda. Just a loose itinerary to stroll the streets, eat, shop, swim, get some sun, and slow down.  

weare.positano -03944.jpg

2) A couple things you should do while you're there.... while you're in town, one of them is: Go buy some Linen. I'm not one to typically suggest shopping.... but Positano is known for it's linen and theres nothing like adding a high quality piece to your wardrobe. Such a beautiful staple you will have forever. Expensive but worth it. #treatyoself 

While you're on the bougie train, have some champagne on patio at la Sirenuse, It's the "It" classy place to be and while you're here you may as well feel fancy!

Ok... now back to (leisurely) adventure.....

3) Check out the Furore bridge. It's a lovely little beach to enjoy your day at. Bring a basket picnic with you and people watch. From there you can continue on to some of the nearby towns for an afternoon snack or dinner. 

4) If you're wanting some light cardio, Hike the path of the gods! If there's one thing this place has to offer, its the absolutely insane views. This is definitely worth it and only takes a couple hours if you want it to! If you're into climbing, theres some good climbing spots here, too!

5) Last, but certainly not least.... Get on a boat. I always suggest that people see wherever they are going from the water if at all possible. It's just so much fun to explore from the sea and see the coastline  from a different perspective... all the buildings cascading down toward the water. Bathing suits, cute Italian boat drivers, sunshine and an all around good time. Boating is always hard to beat. This was our favorite day without a doubt. You can explore the coastline and stay out on the water, or ask to stop in at some of the local towns. We chose to go to Capri!  

Capri was a fun little adventure to check out a different town by boat. We didn't have nearly enough time to explore as much as I would've liked to. But there were so many great cafes. And wonderful photography opportunities! This is also one of those spots to find some a lifelong investment to your wardrobe. Leather sandals. Literally I cant walk five steps without someone asking me where I got mine. And I get to snobbishly say "Italy!"

Hope you have an amazing trip and want to hear about what you liked after you go!