KAUAI PHOTO DIARY black & white

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I was introduced to Kauai locals Sam and Miguel through a mutual friend (full names omitted for privacy). If you've spent any time on the Hawaiian Islands, you know the importance of local respect, particularly as a Haole. So having these boys show me their world and all the local secrets was a true treasure. I walked away with thousands of images from this trip. Many as vibrant and colorful as the island and it's culture. But something really resonated with me and these black and white images. 

Both boys... Men I should say, both lived simple lives. I think most anyone I've met who lives on an island values the pace of life that comes intuitively. Island time, they call it. But to me, there was something magic about it. Both were incredibly talented but lived a low profile. There was no need for there actions to be seen or heard. No call for attention. The waves they surfed were kept secret, and hardly anyone there, other than other locals to see their triumphs first hand. It was this beautiful, secret life in the shadows that lured me in. I suppose these images represent the mystery and curiosity behind the hidden doors they opened for me. 

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